Galactic delivers quality solutions to even your most challenging problems. Our goal is to make your business future more manageable by being honest and trustworthy support to your business.

IT Simplified

Secure and entirely managed IT services and solutions for your industry! Blast off with state-of-the-art tech solutions, and trust our cybernauts to keep things on target while you focus on the future of your business and industry. Minor issues typically are fixed with a simple call. Unlimited on-site visits are offered at no additional charge. Houston, no matter the problem, we don’t know the meaning of “failure to launch.”

Managed IT Services

Focus entirely on your business. Let us manage the backend of it. You’re busy building the future. Let Galactic keep the engines firing under the hood.

Unlimited Help Desk Support

Most issues are minor, so they shouldn’t require an on-site call and cost an arm and a leg. A team member is always ready to help remotely at no additional cost.

Network Monitoring

Galactic has a telescope focused on your entire IT network. With our continuous network monitoring, we catch problems before they cause trouble. We orbit your IT network 24/7.

Comprehensive Data Backup

No matter how big a system failure, no emergency is lethal so long as there is a system backup. Whether malware, ransomware, or plain ol’ power surge, our cutting-edge data backup systems continually preserve your data, allowing you to get back on course after a disruption quickly.

Managed Services Table
  • Device Management
  • Any OS
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network Monitoring
  • State Of The Art
  • Customizable

Virtual CIO

We custom-build solutions derived from a consultation designed to identify your exact needs. Every business is different.

Cloud Applications

Sync data and coordinate across boundaries with web-based services and applications provided by Galactic.

Advanced Cybersecurity

The future isn’t without its dangers. Quality cybersecurity is critical for your business. With the latest antivirus and malware protection software Galactic has you covered.

Proactive Maintenance

If it isn’t broken, that only means it isn’t broken yet. Why wait till you have a problem? Galactic monitors your IT systems and fixes issues, often before issues arise.

Security Systems

One of the more surprising developments is the consolidation of IT techs and locksmiths. The modern office, warehouse, manufacture, and any place of business can’t rely on the old lock and key. A quality and trustworthy IT company is needed to fit locks with ID scanners and tie access systems to security terminals both on-site and remote. We do this.

Security Cameras

Digital technology has resulted in the ubiquitousness of security cameras. These tiny units can store more data and serve as a more reliable theft deterrent than past models. The modern security cameras offered by Galactic captures high-resolution images, recognizes faces, all with remote capabilities for 24/7 security access. We take care of the entire installation—wiring and all.

Security Solutions

Security has evolved. A full security suite is required that comes complete with software, hardware, and IT support. Galactic doesn’t just install state-of-the-art security systems. We provide dedicated support year-round.

Energy Solutions

Galactic can maximize your energy efficiency no matter the scale of your enterprise. If fear of high energy costs is holding back bringing your IT system into the future, call Galactic! We can help.

Surge Protection

Secure yourself against catastrophic equipment loss by calling Galactic. We can ensure that you never lose your vital equipment to a power loss or power surge. We monitor and upgrade necessary surge protection equipment on an ongoing basis.

Grounding Systems

Keeping your high-power electronics grounded is critical to avoiding system failure. The crew at Galactic identifies and will correctly ground faults with state-of-the-art equipment.

Cloud Services

Keep everyone on the same page with Galactic cloud services like off-site backup and web storage.

Cloud Servers

Too much data, too little room? Skip the personal storage space. Galactic includes professional cloud storage servers with our Managed IT services.


Keep everyone on the same page with installation, configuration, and custom wiring of network solutions.

Office 365

Office 365 expands your ability to do business. Galactic can include this critical piece of Microsoft business software included with our managed IT service.

Access Controls

Scanning badges and ID check-in kiosks are commonplace in most worksites today. But it takes a trustworthy company to install access control points in entire buildings. Galactic has wired many local companies around the globe to keep their investments and employees safe.

Phone Systems

Never say “what?” again with VoIP services.

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