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Galactic is a global stellar Managed IT service provider and installer of state-of-the-art technology. We specialize in large industrial enterprises and state projects, with a critical understanding of the professionalism needed to complete projects that demand superior accessibility, security, and dependability. We are friends to all industries and businesses, large and small, eager to lend a helping hand to help build Florida’s tech future. You can trust Galactic Group to handle your IT issues and sensitive information with discreet security.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our talents and skills to make a better life and better business around the globe through the betterment of information technologies.

It takes a galactic team to reach far orbits. Taking your project there will take all engines firing. We rely on four time-tested values to power those engines. These values are the core of what we do.

Our Values


Honest in price, sincere in commitment, Galactic does not push unnecessary equipment or overpromise results. You can trust our word that our solutions are the best fit, most economical, and just what you need.


We know we are helping build the tech future of the globe. To brighten that future, we know we have to stick to our morals tightly. We stand behind our work and have a sense of pride in how we are helping your business ascend to the top of tomorrow.


Our first and primary motivation is always to be helpful. Before anything else, we want to do our best work for your business, knowing it’s helping everyone around the globe.


We present the same high quality to every client, large or small. That’s why we have a strong reputation for quality service and solutions. Galactic is only the best.

Our History

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